our mission

The Merraki Institute seeks to help globally accelerate the human shift in consciousness by ushering in the acceptance of subtle energy effects, shifting our worldview as humans from apathetic observer in a mechanistic worldview to an active co-creator in a purposeful, meaningful universe.  Once humans recognize our ability to in fact create these fields which the Institute seeks to help introduce through validated practical applications, people will shift from a worldview of meaningless and lonely individualistic separation to a recognition of the power of the coherent collective in heartful interrelationship and interconnectedness.

HOW WE accomplish IT

Merraki Institute orchestrates crowdfunded consciousness research.  We operate on the premise that it is necessary but not sufficient to write papers to be accepted to academic journals.  Indeed, it is imperative to identify the most ground breaking consciousness technologies which have proven robust, statistically significant, reliable outcomes and bring these to market in the hands of real people for whom they can make a difference, and track outcomes meticulously. 

We hold a high bar for the scientific inquiry we conduct, strictly following the scientific method, yet we also believe that it is the exploration of anomalies which fall outside of our current Western scientific worldview that will help guide us toward a new paradigm. 

It appears that the convergence of mysticism and the new physics has brought us at the gateway of a new understanding as humanity.  We are perhaps at the edge of a newly realized reality of the non-material world, of invisible fields that influence, of waves that convey information, of minds that pervade.  With this premise, Merraki Institute forges ahead with its exploration to outline the paradigm shift which we are experiencing, explain the relevance of human consciousness in this process, outline ways to personally, directly, and experientially tap into fields of consciousness in a practical way.  In doing so, it will be important to outline a clear positive vision of the future that lays ahead as an attractor and to map how we get between today and the future of tomorrow, the catalytic levers in the system to get us there, and the role we can each play as individuals in effecting this.